ROOR Little Sista 7mm Green Logo

ROOR Little Sista 7mm GreenOne of the most popular marijuana glass bong brands around brings you one of their most popular and best quality bongs they carry. The Little Sista by ROOR comes in a variety of sizes and logo colors, however this one is our favorite in terms of those two factors.

Standing at 35cm/13.8 inches and 7mm thick borosilicate glass, the ROOR Little Sista 7mm is a crowd favorite. This is a pretty basic model, tried and true. No ice notches, no carb hole, just good, old fashioned marijuana smoking.

Price: $299




  • Stands 35cm/13.8 inches in height.
  • 46mm diameter.
  • Glass thickness is 7mm.
  • Joint size 14.5mm.
  • There are no ice notches or carb hole on the ROOR Little Sista 7mm.

The ROOR Little Sista 7mm glass marijuana bong comes in this great clear color and this model has a green logo. The ROOR Little Sista comes in a variety of sizes and logo colors.

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