ROOR Blue Series Glass Bong 14.5mm

ROOR Blue Series Glass BongThe ROOR Blue Series glass bong is an instant classic. With a cool blue decal and high quality clear borosilicate glass, we love this glass bong’s simplicity and effectiveness.

Standing at 32cm/12.5 inches, 2.5mm thick glass and a diameter of 41mm, the ROOR Blue Series isn’t a heavy duty glass bong but like we said, it is a beaut’. This bong has no ice notches or carb hole, but it does ship with ROOR glass screens! A delightful added bonus.

Price: $99




  • Stands 32cm/12.5 inches in height.
  • The diameter of this glass bong is 41mm.
  • Joint size is 14.5mm.
  • The thickness of the glass is 2.5mm.
  • Includes ROOR 3-point glass screens!

The ROOR Blue Series glass bong comes in a clear look with a cool blue decal. Downstem is a non-diffuser style, allowing for strong, fast hits.

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