Small RAW Rolling Tray and Rolling Paper Bundle w/ RAW 110mm Joint Roller

Raw Rolling Tray and Rolling Papers BundleStep up your joint rolling game with the RAW rolling tray and rolling paper bundle. This RAW bundle also comes with a RAW 110mm joint roller. Included papers are RAW King Size Supreme papers, for the true smokers. Clean up your joint rolling station with this marijuana smoking essential!

Price: $11.27




  • This RAW bundle includes: RAW rolling tray, RAW 110mm joint roller, 2x RAW Classic king size supreme rolling papers.
  • Total RAW rolling papers=80 leaves.
  • Large bundle available for $19.99 and X-Large bundle available for $27.99.

We highly recommend this small RAW rolling tray and rolling paper bundle. It will impress yo’ friends!

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