RAW Organic 300’s – Box of 40 Packs (12,000 Papers)

Stock up on rolling papers for a long time with the RAW Organic 300’s box of 40 packs. With 300 unfolded leaves per pack, that means you’re getting 12,000 RAW organic rolling papers!

These rolling papers are a stoner favorite for their additive-free and 100% vegan makeup. They are truly for the marijuana purist!

Price: $120




  • Box of 40 packs of RAW Organic 300’s.
  • Total of 12,000 rolling papers (300 per pack).
  • Papers are sized 1 1/4.
  • Natural, 100% vegan, additive-free rolling papers.
  • Made from hemp.

There’s a reason RAW organic rolling papers are a favorite among anyone who smokes marijuana joints. Clean up your smoking habit with completely natural hemp papers from RAW!

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