Grace Glass Straight Ice Bong w/ Spiral Perc – Black & White

Grace Glass Slitted Ice Glass Bong Black and WhiteHoly beautiful glass bong, Batman! The Grace Glass black and white straight ice bong with spiral percolator is what you call a good looking bong. This black and white glass bong stands at 39cm/15.4 inches tall and a diameter at a largest of 50mm.

The detachable slitted defuser breaks smoke up into small bubbles, smoothing your toke. A black splash guard prevents you from sucking up water when you toke. Ice notches allow you to cool your hits with ice while you toke!

Price: $104.99




  • Bong stands at 39cm/15.4 inches tall.
  • Joint size is 18.8mm.
  • Glass is 5mm thick.
  • Comes with a detachable slitted diffuser.
  • Perfect for smoking recreational or medicinal marijuana flower!

The Grace Glass straight ice bong with spiral percolator is a beautiful looking and high quality glass bong that comes at an extremely reasonable price. Check it out in this beautiful black and white look!

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