Grace Glass Precooler w/ 11-slit Keg Percolator

Grace Glass Precooler w: 11-slit Keg PercolatorMade from high quality borosilicate glass, the Grace Glass precooler with 11-slit keg percolator is a beautiful looking piece that will upgrade the way you smoke. This precooler percolator will fit any 18.8mm bong piece and make it look cooler too!

The extra smoke diffusion helps smooth out your hits and the piece also is designed to help keep those pesky debris chunks from flying down your throat hole. It breaks your hit up into smaller bubbles and that means a better hit!

Price: $24.99




  • Made from high quality borosilicate glass.
  • Stands 16cm/6.3 inches tall.
  • Glass is 5mm thick.
  • Fits joint sizes 18.8mm.
  • 11-slit keg percolator breaks your hit up into small bubbles, smoothing your marijuana toke!

Smooth out your weed smoking and upgrade your already high quality glass bong with the Grace Glass precooler with 11-slit keg percolator. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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