Blaze Glass Premium 7mm Glass Bong w/ Flash Vortex Precooler

Blaze Glass BongThis Blaze Glass glass bong is one of the most popular Blaze Glass items online for good reason! The vortex chamber on this glass bong is designed to angle and swirl the smoke upward. This not only looks really cool, but it actually cools the smoke as well.

The borosilicate glass is about 7mm thick and stands at 51cm/20.1 inches tall. The Blaze Glass Flash Premium bong also comes with an 18.8mm slitted diffuser downstem, a bowl and the Flash vortex precooler.

Price: $159



  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass.
  • Stands 51cm/20.1 inches tall.
  • Flash vortex precooler included!
  • Cools smoke and lessens harshness of hits.

The Blaze Glass Premium 7mm glass bong with Flash vortex precooler currently only comes in the clear glass look.

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