Blaze Glass Liquid Cooling Spiral Short Tube – Blue

Blaze Glass Liquid Cooling Spiral for Glass BongsCool down and smoother your marijuana tokes with the Blaze Glass liquid cooling spiral short tube for high quality glass bongs. This one comes in blue and is part of the popular Mix and Match Series by Blaze Glass.

Standing at 24cm/9.5 inches, the Blaze Glass cooling tube is filled with a special liquid that doesn’t require any ice or freezing to cool down your marijuana drags! It’s pretty crazy what science can do, huh? The non-freezing liquid is refillable.

Price: $79




  • Stands 24cm/9.5 inches tall.
  • Has a diameter of 50mm and a joint size of 45mm.
  • Will fit and interchange with other Blaze Glass Mix and Match Series parts.
  • Non-freeze liquid cools your marijuana smoke!

The Blaze Glass liquid cooling spiral comes in this sexy blue color and that’s fine with us. Find more great looking weed smoking products at your local 420pile online headshop!

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