Blaze Glass Diffuser Downstem w/ Removable Honeycomb Downstem

Blaze Glass Downstem 2-PackPurchase the Blaze Glass downstem 2-pack and receive a diffuser downstem with a removable honeycomb downstem. This is an amazing glass water pipe accessory that will up your game, without a doubt.

The diffuser downstem breaks your tokes up into larger bubbles, smoothing your hoot. Add in the honeycomb diffuser and have your hit broken up into even smaller bubbles that will make your hit even more silky smooth. The Blaze Glass downstems are made from high quality borosilicate glass, made to last.

Price: $29.99




  • Large downstem is 18cm/7 inches in length.
  • Shorter downstem is 17.5cm/6.5 inches in length.
  • Made from high quality borosilicate glass.
  • The joint size is 29.2mm > 14.5mm.
  • Both downstems ship together!

The Blaze Glass downstem 2-pack comes in one, beautiful clear look. This product is highly recommended by your friends at 420pile!

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