Blaze Glass Beaker Base 5mm Glass Bong – Black

Blaze Glass Black Glass BongLooks pretty sick, huh? Yep, the sleek black beaker base glass bong from Blaze Glass is incredibly nice to look at and even nicer (if possible) to smoke from. Smoke marijuana with this glass bong anytime of day and especially, night.

5mm thick black glass and a reinforced glass joint make this glass bong one that won’t break easily. (Please don’t break it!) The Blaze Glass black bong stands 45cm/17.7 inches tall and comes with a clear glass bowl.

Price: $139




  • Stands 45cm/17.7 inches tall.
  • 50mm in diameter.
  • Glass is 5mm thick and a luxurious black.
  • Made from high quality borosilicate glass.
  • Rubber stopper in the carb hole.

Why would you want any color other than black? The Blaze Glass beaker base glass bong comes in black and that’s that!

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