Blaze Glass 11-Arm Water Percolator

Blaze Water Perc

The glass tree water percolator from Blaze Glass is a great addition to any glass bong with a 14.5mm joint. Standing at a sturdy 12.5cm/5 inches, this water percolator is great for smoothing out those tokes by filtering the smoke.

Using a percolator not only makes your hits smoother, but it keeps your marijuana bong water cleaner for longer. It’s a necessary addition for anyone looking to upgrade their current piece. Highly recommended indeed!

Price: $49

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  • Stand 12.5cm/5 inches in height.
  • Made from clear borosilicate glass.
  • Pre-cool for best results in filtration and smoothness.
  • Fits 14.5 mm bong joint.
  • Bowl not included!

Currently, the 11-arm water percolator from Blaze Glass only comes in one color, cobalt blue and is available in one size. We think the blue looks great, but hey, that’s just us.

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