5 Pair Marijuana Weed Leaf Socks

5 Pair Marijuana Weed SocksYou, my friend, have style. Yes, that’s right, if you’re viewing this page then we will have to assume that you are a true connoisseur of fashion. A true tester of tastes.

The 5 pair of marijuana weed leaf socks is a real steal. There are indeed a wide variety of marijuana weed sock colors so we¬†highly recommend viewing them all before purchase. From yellow and green, to black and gold, red and white, white and red and everything in between… you can find any sock you need in this pack! AND they have weed leaves on them. WIN! Socks are made of cotton.

Price: $13.99




  • Socks are made from cotton.
  • Ships a 5 pack of weed socks in various colors.
  • Pick your colors before ordering.
  • Come in one size.

We love these weed leaf socks. In fact, they’re all we wear. Don’t believe us? Come see us! It’s your friends at 420pile after all.

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